( e n  w a ar o m  d a t  z o  g e w i c h t i g  m o e t  h e t e n )

Resistance’s Two Tests


Resistance puts two questions to each and all of us. Each question has only one correct answer.


Test Number One “How bad do you want it?”


This is Resistance’s first question. The scale below will help you answer. Mark the selection that corresponds to how you feel about your book/movie/ballet/ new business/whatever.

Dabbling • Interested • Intrigued but Uncertain • Passionate • Totally Committed

If your answer is not the one on the far right, put this book down and throw it away.


Test Number Two “Why do you want it?”

1. For the babes (or the dudes)


2. The money


3. For fame


4. Because I deserve it


5. For power


6. To prove my old man (or ex-spouse, mother, 'teacher, coach) wrong


7. To serve my vision of how life/mankind ought to be


8. For fun or beauty


9. Because I have no choice


If you checked 8 or 9, you get to stay on the island. (I know I said there was only one correct answer. But 8 and 9 are really one.)


If you checked any of the first seven, you can stay, too—but you must immediately check yourself into the Attitude Adjustment Chamber.

Uit Steven Pressfield's 

Do The Work: Overcome Resistance and Get Out of Your Own Way

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